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Sunny disposition: This baby girl swapped her spot under the umbrella to in her mother's sun hat

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¿Te has preguntado alguna vez como quedaria si intercambiases la cabeza con la de otra persona, o si pusieses la tuya en el cuerpo de alguien? Pues gracias a la tecnica eso ya es posible... por lo menos gracias al photoshop y al ingenio de Paul Ripke...

Aqui tienes el resultado de intercambiar la cabeza de padres e hijos... la verdad es que curioso... y muy simpatico...

Child's play: Dad has some fun while being swung around in his dad's arms

Roles reversed: A bearded baby sits on the knee of his fresh-faced father

Merry dance: Mother and daughter have fun with their new roles

Unnerving: Photographer Paul Ripke tried the experiment with children of all ages but found one-year-olds were best

World famous: The photos are on display in Germany but have become an internet sensation

Like father like son: Dad takes over the football duties from his fleet of foot child

Weird: Some parents admitted that the images were unsettling

Bizarre: Ripke said that the trick was trying to get the swapped heads in perfect proportion

Swashbuckling: This proud pirate looks unsure about carrying his dad

Solemn: This unhappy baby would prefer things back to normal

Fussball mad: The Germans love the beautiful game like we do and this is reflected in several pictures

Into the swing: Mum looks like she is really enjoying playtime

All grown up: Dad gets to have a go on his son's bike while the youngster gets to be more like his father

Curioso, verdad? Espero que te hayan gustado las imagenes y quiza tambien tu te animes a probar, jeje. Muchas gracias por tu visita... y por tu solidaridad con mi pagina!!


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